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Containers come in lots of shapes and sizes and can be used for a range of things but mostly for things like storage. We've tried to cover the more popular containers like the Container Store company and storage containers.

A container is an object commonly used for storage, transport, material handling and workshop applications. ISO (International Standard Organization) containers produce a huge reduction in port handling costs, contributing to lower freight charges and, in turn, boosting trade flows. Almost every manufactured product that humans consume spend some time in a container.

Plastic containers have permanently attached flip-up lids that interlock for stacking strength and can be locked with security seals and also have solid bottoms. Stackable containers are the perfect solution for small storage rooms. Many of them feature extra wide stacking ledge and finger grips for easy handling. Anti-slide stops and reinforcing ribs help prevent shifting and spreading when full. Large label slots provide quick inventory identification.

Plastic containers
Plastic containers

Bulk containers (Click to enlarge)
Bulk container

Totes or storage boxes are designed to stack easily at 90 to permit easy access to contents. They also nest when empty to save space and are perfect for assembly, production and order picking. They are usually made of rugged, molded materials to withstand constant heavy use, won't crack or rust and are easily cleaned. They can hold up to 100 lbs and are easily portable. Open mesh construction containers provides excellent visibility, easy inventory control and eliminates dust and dirt build up. This kind of heavy-duty container features wire mesh arc-welded to a channel formed steel base. Sides and corners are heavily reinforced. Notched, positive stacking legs permit handling by forklift or pallet truck. Drop gate allows access when stacked.

When you are going to buy a container, check that it is approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) if is intended to transport those kind of products. There are security containers that are specifically designed to securely collect, store and transport documents and other forms of media that contain confidential personal and proprietary information.

Storage containers
Storage containers

Container StoreContainer Store - The Container Store is the major important company dedicated to all kinds of containers, available in many types and models, according to your needs.

Storage ContainersStorage - Storage containers are the perfect way to organize any room, closet, or garage. Check some types, from bins to cargo containers. Also check on prices and places for buy storage containers.

Plastic ContainersPlastic - Plastic containers are probably the most popular due to their durability and handling. Check some models, prices and places for buy plastic containers.

Shipping ContainersShipping - Shipping containers can be loaded sealed and placed onto container ships, railroad cars, and trucks. Check some models, prices and places for buy shipping containers.

Plastic Storage ContainersPlastic Storage - Many industries use plastic storage containers for shipping, storage, sanitation, preservation and presentation. Usually come in large sizes, also stackable.

Container Plant StandsContainer Plant Stands - Container plant stands information. You've got a pot to hold your plant. What do you have to hold your pot? Don't hide your plants, use stands for plant containers.

China International Marine ContainersCIMC - China International Marine Containers (Group) Ltd. is one of the first container manufacturers and sino-foreign joint ventures in China. Check some information about the company and their offered products.

Moving ContainersMoving - Moving containers or containerization is an important element of the innovations in logistics that revolutionized freight handling in the 20th century. See more.

Compost ContainersCompost - There are sound reasons for using compost containers, as they are cheap and they are the best way to control the compost. Check out a few types of compost containers, and the place(s) to buy one.

Recycling ContainersRecycling - Recycling containers are used to hold recyclables before they are taken to recycling centers. Check some information, models and places for buy recycling bins.

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Global Industrial - Industrial & plastic storage bins & storage totes. Shop online, shipping services to US and Canada.

Plastopan - A leading manufacturer of high quality containers and related items for the security, recycling and waste collection industries. For home, office or industrial use. Online orders, Dealers in US, Canada, Australia and India.

Shipping containers (Click to enlarge)
Shipping container

Recycling containers (Click to enlarge)
Recycling containers

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