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More than 20 years of experience in the field of shipping & transport , we had the ability to expand our business network outside the borders , we cooperate with the major decision makers in container and shipping industry, the biggest & top leasing companies , manufacturers & shipping lines.

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Rent A Container

Rent today and gain access to a steel portable storage container without spending thousands up front.

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Buy A Container

Whether you’re looking for a new or used steel storage container, we have just what you’re looking for.

08FT | 10FT | 20FT | 40FT

Modify Containers

Modify A Container

We can help you design and build your ideal container from scratch, or by giving an existing container a makeover.

08FT | 10FT | 20FT | 40FT

Delivering Worldwide, Specializing In Marine Containers

New Containers

Iso Standard Containers

We Supply Dry Containers , Reefers ,open Tops And Special Equipment At Your Port Of Interest.

Used Containers

Second Hand Containers

We Supply Quality Used Boxes For Storage , Project Cargoes & Shipments On Cargo worthy Standard Basis.

Lease & Rental

Long Term Lease

We Supply You With Containers For Leasing Purpose Under Long Term And Short Term Lease Contracts.

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Short Term Lease

We Help You Move Your Containers Between Ports On One Way Lease Basis According To Your Needs.

Customized Containers

Container Modifications

Whether Residential Or Industrial , We Can Do Modifications According To Our Customer’s Interest.


Empty Repo & Inland

We Can Move Your Containers Empty Whether By Ship Or By Inland , Depending On Service Availability.

Standard Containers

Standard Containers

Reefer Containers

Reefer Containers

Special Containers

Special Containers

Prefabricated Units

Prefabricated Units

Office Containers

Office Containers

Residential Containers

Residential Containers


Supplier of New & Used shipping containers .

08ft Container

Small, portable storage unit to keep your equipment safe and dry. Due to its size, this container will fit in almost any garden or back yard. Its ideal to use as a storage unit for your garden equipment and tools. This type is great to use during renovation projects, to have some extra storage space to keep your furniture safe and dry.

08ft Container

10ft Container

This multifunctional shipping containers has a variety of storage and transport uses. You can, amongst other things, put a workbench and shelving in to the container so you have a workshop that you can lock down, and is dry and mobile. You can also use this container on events to store your merchandise or valuable belongings in.

10ft Container

20ft Container

This is the most common size container and our top seller! Its simple design makes it very easy to transport. It is also easy to use as a safe and dry storage unit to store your belongings. This container can be modified to your individual needs, so that you can get the most out of your container.

20ft Container

40ft Container

A very popular size container. Due to it’s big size this container is mostly used for shipping. Almost anything can be safely shipped inside. From clothing to heavy machinery. As with all our containers, these units are wind, water and vermin proof.

40ft Container

Looking for something specific?


Do you sell shipping containers?

Yes, we do. Our full range of sizes are available for sale. We believe that we offer one of the best price to quality ratios in the market.

Where do you deliver?

Our deliveries reach most parts of Lebanon. Please contact us to confirm whether delivery to your address is possible.

Are steel shipping containers watertight?

Yes, 100%! They are manufactured with the explicit purpose of enduring transport across oceans without taking any water.

Do I need a planning permission?

Storage containers are considered temporary structures, as such planning permission is usually not necessary. However, there could be exceptions for certain locations or long-term installations.

Are there any details important for delivery?

We need to know whether there are any obstacles blocking access to the container’s future location, i.e. a fence or overhead cables.

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