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ContainersContainers - Containers come in lots of shapes and sizes and can be used for a range of things but mostly for things like storage. We've tried to cover the more popular containers like the Container Store company and storage containers.

China International Marine Containers (Group) Ltd. is one of the first container manufacturers and sino-foreign joint ventures in China. Check some information about the company and their offered products.

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CIMC, as the company is known by its initials, was founded by China Merchants Holdings and the East Asiatic Company Ltd. (EAC) in January 1980. CIMC went into production on 22nd Sep., 1982. In 1987 China International Marine Containers became a tri-party joint venture after COSCO joined in. CIMC went public in 1993 and has been listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange since 1994. CIMC started to run as the group structure in 1995. China International Marine Containers has dedicated itself to manufacturing and supplying of containers, trailers and airport equipments. With total assets of RMB 17.17 billion, net assets of over RMB 9.46 billion, CIMC has more than 40 subsidiaries around China and all over the world. COSCO is one of the two biggest shareholders with 20.05% shares of the company. The other one is China Merchants Group. CIMC is dedicated to providing both facilities and services for the modern transportation with focus on containers, land transportation vehicles and airport equipment manufacturing and after sales services.

China International Marine Containers has over 20 production bases throughout China. The company is a container manufacturing group with the biggest scale and most abundant product varieties in the world. The customers of China International Marine Containers include world leading shipping and leasing companies. Their products are supplying the logistics industry all around the North America, Europe and Asia. Since 1996, China International Marine Containers has ranked the world No.1 container manufacturer by the largest annual container output and sales volume in the world.

China International Marine Containers also has eyes on the trailer business. It aims to supply the top ranking ground transportation equipment for the global market and accelerate the modernization of the ground transportation equipment in China. China International Marine Containers has developed many kinds of trailer models and has established production base with advanced technology and equipment.

Note: For prices and model numbers, contact CIMC.

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CIMC - The China International Marine Containers (Group) Co., Ltd. website. Check more information about the company, products, also order some of their containers online, available to China, Japan, Australia, Europe and North America.

COSCO Group - A world leader in shipping and logistics services. COSCO Group website offers many information about the company, including their fleet.

CIMC Products Line:

  • Insulated Containers: 20' side & rear door steel, 45' over-wide(8'6") steel, 45' aluminium and 45' MGSS North America's domestic heated insulated containers, 12' MGSS Japanese domestic insulated container.
  • Reefer Containers: 14' side & rear door steel reefers, 40' HC steel floor steel reefer, 40' HC steel reefer with meat hang system, 20' steel reefer with meat hang system, 14' side & rear door steel reefer, 45' Europe pallet-wide reefer, 53' AL North America's domestic, 45' over-wide (8'6") steel reefer containers, 40' steel reefer with side door, 12 ', 20' and 31' MGSS Japanese domestic reefer containers, 10' AL side access reefer container with freezer & cold room, 46' MGSS Australian domestic, 53' North America's aluminium reefers, 40'HC aluminium, 20' MGSS, 40'HC HGSS reefers.
  • Trailers: Curtainsider semi-trailer, aluminum oil tank semi-trailer, powder tipping tank semi-trailer, powder tank semi-trailer, insulated semi-trailer, reefer semi-trailer.
  • Other Containers: 45' HC container, ultra size cassette based box, 20' car carrying container, 20' HC dry, oil, bitumen, square bulk containers, 20' super ventilated dry, 20' open top steel bulk, 20'GP one side full access, 20' HC multi door containers, 40' garmentainer, 40'HC seacell, cellular pallet-wide containers, 40'HC, 20' and 40'GP ISO dry cargo steel containers, 50' car carrying dual-tainer, 53' steel wide heater, 20' beam tank container.

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Bulk Containers

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Reefer Containers

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Insulated Shipping Containers

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ISO Containers

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