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ContainersContainers - Containers come in lots of shapes and sizes and can be used for a range of things but mostly for things like storage. We've tried to cover the more popular containers like the Container Store company and storage containers.

The Container Store is the major important company dedicated to all kinds of containers, available in many types and models, according to your needs.


In 1978, Kip Tindell (CEO), Garrett Boone (Chairman), and Architect John Mullen opened a retail store offering an exceptional and eclectic mix of products devoted to helping people simplify their lives. In doing so, they originated a completely new category of retailing, that of storage and organization. Initial cash capital was provided by Garrett, his father, and John Mullen, who were founding directors, officers and shareholders of the Company. In 1978, most of the products The Container Store sold came from commercial or industrial manufacturers, and had never been sold in a retail environment. Kip and Garrett often had to persuade commercial manufacturers to supply them with retail merchandise. Mason's tool bags as overnight bags, egg baskets as carryalls and wire leaf burners as toy barrels were just a few of the original products that debuted in the 1,600 square foot store. The store outgrew its space within a year, and by 1980 had expanded twice. Eventually, the company's first store would have to move across the street to find room for an ever-increasing inventory.

Today, more than 28 years later, and with locations coast to coast, the stores average 25,000 square feet and showcase more than 10,000 innovative products to help customers save space and, ultimately, save them time. The store layout is divided into lifestyle sections marked with brightly colored banners such as closet, kitchen, office and laundry.

Each of the wonderfully innovative products found in The Container Store is received, processed and shipped from their 725,000 square foot distribution center, located in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Like all aspects of The Container Store, the distribution center is truly a special place to work. It's a place where employees can have fun and work alongside other dedicated hard-working people in a safe, clean, drug-free work environment. The distribution center uses state-of-the-art warehouse and inventory systems, including Catalyst Warehouse Management software and Telxon radio frequency devices.

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Motivated and enthusiastic are just two of the adjectives used to describe employees at the stores. Employees are recognized as the company's greatest asset. Whether it's a salesperson in one of the stores, a buyer at the home office, or a member of the distribution center team, They highlight the importance of their employees.

Container store (Click to enlarge)
Container store

The inbound department is divided into four teams: the receiving dock, the receiving planners, special processing, and the put-away team. The store replenishment team consists of three areas: order picking, truck loading and replenishment. Rounding out The Container Store distribution center team are the retail fulfillment, wholesale fulfillment, inventory, system planning, and traffic departments. The distribution center is a place where you can develop a successful career path. It's a place that always recognizes that it's the people behind the stock pickers, turret trucks, radio frequency guns and ticketing lines that keep this company at the forefront of the storage and organization industry.

The container store (Click to enlarge)
The container store

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