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ContainersContainers - Containers come in lots of shapes and sizes and can be used for a range of things but mostly for things like storage. We've tried to cover the more popular containers like the Container Store company and storage containers.

Plastic box containers (Click to enlarge)
Plastic box containers

Plastics food containers (Click to enlarge)
Plastics food containers

Plastic containers are probably the most popular due to their durability and handling. Check some models, prices and places for buy plastic containers.

Containers made of plastic such as plastic boxes, molded boxes, infinite divider systems, hinged box and others provide ideal storage for sports memorabilia, collectibles, tools, hardware and more. Whether it's liquid or solid, powder or parts, small plastic containers can handle it. Plastic storage containers are meeting the needs and standards for storage required for the specific material or product being stored.


They could be colored or clear plastic boxes, feature tall lids for holding items that extend past the base of the box; canisters, showcase boxes, also molded. Some Some will have segments for small items.

Plastic clamshell containers
Plastic clamshell containers

  • Item # 202009
  • Large Case, 14 3/8" x 9 1/2" x 2 1/2" with 2 Fixed Dividers and 5 Adjustable Dividers.
  • Price: US$7.00 each.
  • Ships to: Unsure, ships US only we think
  • Link to buy on-line: US Plastic

Clear plastic containers
Clear plastic containers

  • Item # 55295
  • Clear Plastic Box with Removable Lid.
  • Price: US$75.58 (Case of 25)
  • Ships to: Unsure, ships US only we think
  • Link to buy on-line: US Plastic

All prices quoted on this page are indicative US prices at May 2008 - prices may change - please check with the retailer.

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

Container & Packaging Supply Inc. - They offer glass bottles and plastic containers for individual purposes and bulk quantities for businesses. Online orders, shipping in US.

TAP Plastics - Plastic containers and more stuff in plastic. Online orders, International shipping services.

It is important to note the type of plastic containers when selecting one as some of them are more durable and resistant than others. Factors to consider when buying these containers, especially wholesale plastic, bulk or clear plastic containers are: temperature regulations, density and molding as these elements can affect the type of materials that can be held in the plastic container. EPA, FDA, DOT and HazMat regulations should be consulted when storing plastic, shipping plastic containers or packing organic or hazardous materials into the containers.


They could be plastic buckets, multi-measure plastic containers, cups, bags, beakers, regular bottles with caps, stackable bottles, PVC jars, cream jars, jugs or hinged containers. All these could store liquids, powders, or almost anything safely within their airtight lid seals. These food or cosmetic use plastic containers are made of food-grade heavy-duty white plastic. They are reusable for liquid ingredient accuracy. A must-have item when making recipes. Large plastic containers comes with a handy carrying handle.

Plastic storage containers (Click to enlarge)
Plastic water containers

  • Item # 72515
  • 8oz/240ml Amber Mouth Packers 45-400 Neck, PV Cap.
  • Price: US$33.69 (Case of 24)
  • Ships to: Unsure, ships US only we think
  • Link to buy on-line: US Plastic

    Small plastic containers (Click to enlarge)
    Small plastic containers

    • Item # 66169
    • 16 oz Clear PVC Bottle; 28/410 Cap Size.
    • Price: US$0.86 each.
    • Ships to: Unsure, ships US only we think
    • Link to buy on-line: US Plastic

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